March 17 - 19, 2017
Irving, TX

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Get Ready for Aselia Con 2017!

Aselia Con started out as a very simple idea: an opportunity for a few fans of a single game series to come together to play and share their fandom.  What started out as a plan for a weekend gaming meet-up grew into something much bigger, and before we realized it we were planning Aselia Con.

Now Aselia Con celebrates its 5TH ANNIVERSARY, and it has continued to grow.  It's more than a weekend of games and's a group of people who share a passion for this amazing series.  It's a safe place for those people to revel in their fandom with others who understand and can relate.  It's cosplay and photoshoots and laughter and making friends and general tomfoolery all weekend long.

We may be a little different from other conventions but we like to think that those differences make Aselia Con a unique, one-of-a-kind experience.

What's Aselia Con?

A lot of people come to their first Aselia Con with no idea what to expect.  Still others are unsure whether to make the trip.  What would it be like to gather together to share an appreciation for one specific fandom?  What kind of people will you meet there?  What is there to do?

One of our very talented attendees, Carrie Sullivan, made this short mini-documentary which really captures the essence of what makes Aselia Con what it is and why we love it.  We hope you enjoy!

Panel Schedule Now Available!

Check out all the awesome events our panelists are bringing to you this year!

Cosplay Gatherings Posted

By popular demand, we are publishing our Cosplay Gathering schedule, so you can plan your weekend!

Pre-Registration CLOSED

Badges will still be available for purchase at the door!


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